Join in the ratings and announcements.

1. The server is as follows.

On the home page Click on the Add Server.

- Read the rules for participation in our portal.

- Fill your server login information.

- Place the resulting code voting buttons on your site server.

2. Registration in the portal as follows. Click Register as a member of the portal. This will give you the privilege to evaluate server and write comments.

- Read the rules of participation in the portal.

- Fill out the registration information, and opportunities.

- Confirming registration by e-mail.

About the project

MMOVOTE.RU - portal which includes a rating and the announcement of the popular online game servers: World of Warcraft, Lineage 2 and Aion.

Different from other weight ratings, the main:
- We do not sell the place and voice in our rating, as they are very difficult to cheat and we constantly monitor for this.
- Payout % of SMS per server to administrators.
- Instantly receive data through the vote callback script.
- We are always ready to listen to your ideas, suggestions and implement them as soon as possible.

All servers are added to our portal, from compulsory moderation.

Our rating will help you find the perfect server for a variety of criteria, such as chronicles server rates the players score, feedback on the project and place in the ratings.

In the ranking, and the announcement involves only active resources, closed or inactive resources will be removed monthly, cleaning after resetting the votes.